Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Student Advising

Student Advising

Electrical and Electronics Engineering students receive academic advice throughout their undergraduate education. At the time of the initial registration, a full-time faculty member is assigned to each student as an academic advisor by the Department. Advisors generally remain unchanged until graduation of students. All information about the academic status of a student can be reached by his/her advisor on the Student Information System (SIS). 

Advisors are required to follow the academic development of their advisees throughout their undergraduate education and to provide advice about many aspects of their college career including class options each semester, their educational and personal goals, possible majors and careers, co-curricular prospects that may interest them, possibilities for internship, scholarship, graduate study abroad, and many other things. Advisor also checks the record of the student for the requirements of the undergraduate degree and makes timely warnings, and helps the student. 

Academic Advising System is electronically run on the Student Information System (SIS). The procedure for the advising is as follows: 

-- Advisor follows the academic performance of his/her students through the SIS. 

-- At minimum, advisors meet with their students once per semester before the add/drop week for general advising to improve their academic progress and career readiness. This meeting is reported using the College Advising Form. Via this form; any student earning one F or two D grades at the end of the previous semester and/or placed on probation list are reported. These students are contacted by her or his advisor for a mandatory meeting. This meeting focuses on the student’s academic progress, and the result of the meeting is reported using the Individual Advising Form

-- Individual Advising Form is also used for other one to one advising meetings with students. 

-- In 13th week of the semester, students fill out an Academic Advising Survey to evaluate the advising system. 

-- After the end of each semester department chairs meet with academic advisors to discuss and report to the Faculty possibilities to improve the advising system using the Advising Report Form.

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