Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Laboratory Safety

General Rules for Safe Use of Laboratories

The rules listed below are the general rules applicable to laboratories within the MEF University Faculty of Engineering.
  • Personal and General laboratory safety
  • Obey all the safety procedures imposed by the instructor         
  • Do not enter the laboratories with food or drink and cigarette smoking is prohibited     
  • Do not run any experiment without permission
  • Do not begin working or gathering supplies and equipment until your instructor is present        
  • Do not touch any equipment or supplies without specific authorization 
  • Never work alone        
  • Do not keep the laboratory door open
  • Tools and equipment should only be used for their designated purposes
  • Report immediately all damaged or broken equipment to the instructor
  • Report immediately unsafe conditions, unusual odors and personal injuries to the instructor     
  • Keep your work area clean and uncluttered     
  • Keep all aisles at all times; do not use corridors for storage or work areas          
  • Keep personal belongings below the table and out of the working area 
  • Clean up your work area before leaving
  • Use protective equipment such as gowns, gloves and goggles as needed
  • Do not work with wet hands    
  • Avoid wearing jewelry in the labs         
  • Tie back long hair and wear closed-toed shoes when working in the laboratory  
  • Be careful when lifting heavy objects   
  • No cell phone or ear phone usage is not allowed during experimental operations.         
  • Avoid diverting or upsetting persons working in the laboratory.
  • When working in teams, everyone should be informed about the processes carried out in parallel and dangerous situations that may arise from lack of information should be prevented     
  • Make note of locations of fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, first aid cabinet and emergency shower 
  • Make note of the emergency exit routes          
In Case of Emergency
CONTACT MEF University Public Safety immediately @
  • EXT 3600 - Campus Phone
  • 112 - Public Phone
Have the Following Information Ready when Speaking to Public Safety Dispatcher:
  • Nature of Emergency
  • Location (Building and Room Number)
  • Number of People involved / Injured
Do not hang up unless told to do so by the dispatcher; instructions may follow.
Fire Alarm
When the fire alarm is activated leave the building; do not use the elevators.
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