Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Information Regarding the Internships

All electrical and electronics engineering students must work as an intern in order to understand the professional work environments, application of the knowledge gained in school to practice and gain access to such environments. Out of the two internship, each 20 workdays, first shall be completed at the end of the sophomore (2nd) year and the second at the end of the junior (3rd) year. 

Please refer to the following documents regarding the detailed information about the internships (in Turkish):

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student Internship Essentials (in Turkish)
Engineering Faculty Internship Instructions (in Turkish)
MEF University Internship Instructions (in Turkish)

Students should follow the process described below:
  1. Finding internship (Students can obtain the documents needed regarding the indication of Social Security Institution (SSI) operations will be done by the university, from the faculty secretaria.)
  2. Getting approval of internship institution and departmant from internship program coordinator.        (Internship application form will be sent to you by email after filling the form in the link. Print out and sign it to the internship coordinator. Internship Application and Acceptance Form (in Turkish))
  3. Approval of internship institution
  4. Uploading the form that is signed by the departmant and the institution to the link given below (at least 5 days before from the beginning date of the internship).
    1. Compulsory Internship
    2. Volunteer Internship
  5. Completion of SSI processes (Occupational Health and Safety Law)
Our students are obliged to deliver the following forms to the department internship program coordinator until the date that is indicated in the faculty internship directives .

Internship Report 
Internship Survey For Engineering Students
Institution Intern Evaluation Form (in sealed envelope)

Direct any questions you may have about the Internship Program to the Coordinator
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Internship Program Coordinator:
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tuba Ayhan (ayhant@mef.edu.tr)
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